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The Ultimate Race

This new addition to the Max Trax racing line allows for kids as young as 3 to enjoy exciting racing in the light and in the dark. Max Flex includes 1 remote control Tracer Racer and over 8 feet (200 pieces) of flexible, multi-colored Glow in the Dark track.

Leap Ahead!
MaxTraxxx Max Flex RC 200

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Ready, Set, Go!

MaxTraxxx is Skullduggery's winning collection of car race toys. Whether you want to create custom racers, decorate light up cars, or simply blaze streaks of light on glow-in-the-dark track, Maxtraxxx sets are perfect for both beginner and advanced race fans as variable speed remote control cars, gravity powered vehicles, skill jumps, lap counters, electronic finish gates, straight-aways, loops, tunnels, curves and adjustable track heights allow racers to control course difficulty and level of fun!