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Feel the Difference!

Discover the difference with Kinetic Sand. This sand sticks to itself rather than to you, allowing you to play for hours without any mess. It oozes, moves, melts, and stacks right before your eyes!

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Kinetic Sand Castle 2 Lb Assorted Pack

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Mess-Free Creativity

Kinetic Sand is the fun and exciting mess-free sand toy! Made of sand and a small portion of silicone, Kinetic Sand is designed to allow children to sculpt and play without the hassle and mess of real sand. You can mold, shape, and stick different colours together, without the worry of sticking to surfaces or having to clean afterwards. Kinetic Sand also never dries out, so no matter how many times you store it away for next time, it will never expire. Engage your children with Kinetic Sand today, and create something new!