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Tour Millénium Chaos: Rube Goldberg


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Winner of Parent's Choice, Teacher's Choice, and Toy-of-the-Year Awards! Think of the last time you watched a movie or show with a quirky inventor character. They most likely had some sort of elaborate machine built to do something simple, like make toast! In their machine, a ball rolls from a high tower-like location, down a number of windy paths, and each move triggers the next, until the final goal is achieved. The Chaos Tower is precisely that type of imaginative machinery. Create your own Rube Goldberg style machine with this truly inventive and innovative building kit! 602 building pieces offer infinite construction possibilities and unlimited expansion potential for structures 6 feet tall or 5 feet wide! Much more than just a tower, these creations soon resemble the world's biggest game of Mouse Trap. The perpetual motion models feature tons of stunt pieces for designing loop-de-loops and hair-raising turns. A long chain-drive lift, chimes, trampolines, basket elevators, and swirling vortexes send the Chaos Tower balls rolling and flying into action. Each move triggered by the one before it, the path of your ball is entirely up to you. Decide its destiny over and over again, because there are so many configurations to experiment with. Build it, test it, break it down, and start all over again. Lauded by museums, schools, and educators worldwide, the Chaos Tower is the most thrilling, engaging educational toy on the market. All Chaos Tower pieces are plastic, easily assembled without any tools, and backed by a lifetime warranty for neverending fun. Whether fully assembled or in progress, the Chaos Tower is lightweight and fully portable. Move it to whatever room has enough space for your creativity and take the tower as far as your imagination can carry it! The Chaos Tower includes 602 plastic pieces, an AC powered motor, an adapter and complete instructiuons. Activities are available on the Chaos Toy website. Geared for grades 3-12, these present wonderful additional learning opportunities with the Chaos Tower. For ages 8+. ** NEW - an EXPANSION PACK is now available so you can can add even MORE features, twists and turns to the already enormous CHAOS TOWER. Check out item# 3153293 for a complete list of expansion components. GREAT VIDEO!! - (although it has a link to where to buy on
Tour Millénium Chaos: Rube Goldberg
Tour Millénium Chaos: Rube Goldberg Tour Millénium Chaos: Rube Goldberg