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Créateur Hologram Mirage 3-D


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Try to Touch the Object that Appears on Top of the Optical Mirage Disc - There's Nothing There! "Seeing is believing." A cliche, perhaps, but it accurately describes the compelling 3D illusions produced by Mirage. Mirage produces a small, full-color hologram of natural, lifelike appearance, allowing 360-degree viewing. To achieve these effects, the Mirage utilizes a patented technology of two concealed, opposing parabolic mirrors. In overall appearance, Mirage resembles a small wok with a 2-inch circular opening in the top. The physical object to be converted to a hologram is placed in the concave center of the bottom mirror. A hologram instantly projects up through this aperature, appearing to the viewer as a truly solid object. The marvels of this nine inch diameter device are numerous: It is powered by ambient light No film is neccessary Objects are rendered in full, natural color Objects may be easily changed Objects display lifelike, 3-D appearance Viewable from 360 degrees No skill or training needed to operate it The Mirage Diameter Opening Height Weight 9" 2" 3" 1 lb. Warning: Choking Hazard -Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.