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Spin Master

Jeu Perplexus Warp


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Latest Perplexus Lets You Manipulate the Object Ball from Both Within AND from Without Perplexus Warp features nine internal cups that act as “baskets” when you maneuver the marble to leap into them, and a new internal pivot that gives the illusion of a magnet sticking to the ball, defying gravity, as it travels across a bridge with no rails. Also new with Warp is the Warp Drive, an external slider used to manipulate the ball inside. This is the first external manipulation device used with Perplexus, and it’s crucial at a certain section of the maze track—you can’t get the ball past it without using Warp Drive! Warp has six flagged check points, 50 challenging events, and is deemed a difficulty level of six. For ages 6+.
Jeu Perplexus Warp