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Astroscan Millennium Dobsonian Reflector Portable Telescope


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Ages 10 and Up


  • Product Code: 7000002
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  • Shipping Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 25"
  • Shipping Weight: 50 lbs

Whats in the Box?

Preinstalled optical tube, base assembly, 17 mm eyepiece (1.25” format), 10 mm eyepiece (1.25” format), red dot finderscope, complete operation & maintenance manual


Introducing the NEW Astroscan® Millennium

Our new Astroscan® Millennium telescope is the best overall telescope for any age. It’s easy to use, simple to position, and effortless to transport. Our telescope is designed so efficiently that even inexperienced astronomers will feel confident navigating the controls. It’s a precision instrument that provides powerful, razor sharp views of our universe.

Unlike many common telescopes, the Astroscan® Millennium takes the intimidation out of astronomy. Year after year, you’ll trust the Astroscan® Millennium because of its durable engineering and reliable performance. Put quite simply, you’ll find the Astroscan® Millennium to be portable, powerful and easy-to-use.

Why the Astroscan® Millennium:


    Your Astroscan® Millennium portable reflector is already preassembled in the box. All you have to do is install the red dot finder and the eyepiece tray and you’re ready to start observing. The tube itself can be easily repositioned allowing the eyepiece to be centered at the most comfortable viewing angle for you. The fully illustrated user’s manual is written especially with you, the beginner, in mind- so it’s easy to understand. PLUS, we’re backing it with a limited 2-year warranty.


    The sturdy design of the Astroscan® Millennium lends itself to ease of transportation. The carrying handle is well positioned so you can move this telescope single handedly. The three rubber feet provide balanced support and are skid-free, allowing you to place the telescope on any smooth surface.


    Using the Astroscan® Millennium, you’ll immediately be able to take in breath-taking views of the Moon and the night sky. Using the correct eyepiece, with time and patience, you’ll soon marvel at the majesty of the planets: find Saturn with its magestic rings and Titan - its largest moon, view Mars with its white polar ice cap and orange deserts, discover Jupiter and its four largest moons: lo, Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede, as well as following Venus, the most luminous of the planets. Viewing colorful double stars like Albireo and other deep sky wonders including the Pleiades star cluster, the Orion Nebula, and the Andromeda Galaxy is a joy with the Astroscan® Millennium.


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Astroscan Millennium Dobsonian Reflector Portable Telescope