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3Doodler Start Pen Mega Pack


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Ages 8 and Up


  • Product Code: 3DS-MEGA-E-E
  • UPC: 853653006703
  • Shipping Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 4"
  • Shipping Weight: 3 lbs

What's in the Box?

Each 3Doodler Start Mega Pack includes the 3Doodler Start Pen, 8 packs of 3Doodler Start Eco-Plastic, 8 Unique DoodleBlocks, a Micro USB Charging Cable, and a 3Doodler Start Activity Guide.


With the 3Doodler Start, you just turn it on, insert a strand and start doodling anything you want in 3D - immediately! Safe and clean – there are no hot parts. A built-in rechargeable battery allows you to operate wirelessly or plugged in. This 3Doodler Mega Pack includes the 3D Printing Pen, a micro USB charging cable, project book, starter templates, and 8 packs of Eco-Plastic (192 strands in 8 colors).

The Eco-Plastic used in the 3Doodler Start is kid-friendly, fully biodegradable and BPA-free. It Inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding in kids of all ages!

The 3Doodler Start Features:

  • Fully charged, the 3Doodler will run wirelessly for 45-60 minutes. It can also be used while plugged in and charging.
  • Model creating requires anchoring your creation to any sheet of paper.
  • One plastic strand stretches 10x its original length once extruded by the pen. For every 6” Eco-Plastic strand you get 60 inches of doodling.
  • Used (extruded) 3Doodle plastic cannot be reinserted into the pen or reused.
  • When purchasing the 3Doodler, we recommend purchasing additional packs of Eco Plastic to ensure many hours of creative fun
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3Doodler Start Pen Mega Pack
3Doodler Start Pen Mega Pack 3Doodler Start Pen Mega Pack 3Doodler Start Pen Mega Pack